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Plan Your ECET2 Convening

An ECET2 convening can be a rewarding experience for those who develop the convening and those who attend. While creating a successful event requires dedication and effort, the process itself is straightforward. We understand that teachers are busy educating students, which is why we have streamlined the process into two basic steps: assessment and building the workshop.

Key planning steps include:

  1. Build a team to plan, organize and lead your ECET2 convening
  2. Determine your audience and the key goals you hope to achieve
  3. Create a budget and work plan that outline key steps, responsibilities, and a timeline for your convening
  4. Pick a venue to host your convening
  5. Identify, invite, and register participants
  6. Create an agenda or blueprint for your convening
  7. Select and prepare speakers and presenters who will contribute to the convening
  8. Use social media to build awareness and foster participant connections

Click the guidebook below for more details on the overall process.

Step 1: Assessment

The first phase in the convening planning process is to assess the interest of colleagues and leaders in an ECET2 convening. Tools that can help you facilitate this assessment:

Pre-Convening Survey

A sample survey to assess the interest of your colleagues and identify topics for breakout sessions.

Pre-planning Form

A professional development reflection form to help you outline goals and objectives for the convening.

Administration Letter

A sample letter to provide to school leaders outlining the importance of an ECET2 convening and how you will plan and host a successful gathering.

Step 2: Building the Workshop

Once the initial assessment has been conducted, a planning team has been identified, and goals have been established, it's time to start building the components of the workshop. Tools to help you build your convening:

Sample Budget

A sample worksheet to help formalize your budget to ensure you have sufficient resources to plan and host your convening.

Sample Invitation

A sample invite for a convening.

Sample Agenda

Suggested agendas for full- or half-day professional development events that can be customized to meet the needs of you and your colleagues.

Breakout Session Examples

Sample breakout session descriptions, and tips to help effectively facilitate breakout sessions.

Breakout Session Signup Template

A template that allows colleagues to sign-up to participate in breakout sessions.


Video Resources for Your Convening

Below are several video resources that can be shared during the convening to supplement discussion.

OAC Regional Convening 2014 at Burr Oak State Park and Lodge.

Info from the OAC planning team of teachers on our  ECET2 convening, as well as instructions for the nomination process.

Clips from various convenings to give an impression of what an ECET2 convening is like.